Appetite for Health

About Appetite for Health

Mission Statement


Appetite for Health’s mission is to provide tailored nutritional consulting services that inspire people to enjoy nutritious foods, practice healthy lifestyle habits, and enhance their well-being and quality of life.


Appetite for Health has a vision to improve people’s lives through food, and contribute to healthier and happier communities.


Core Values

Appetite for Health offers services which uphold the core values of:

  • Promoting self-efficacy and empowerment in individuals, families, and communities.

  • Improving confidence in making healthier choices

  • Encouraging good nutritional and lifestyle habits through practical and real-food strategies

  • Collaboration with key stakeholders such as family members and health care providers

  • Providing education and support in meaningful, person-centred ways.

Heather Bischoff
Accredited Practising Dietitian
* Bachelor of Dietetics (Hons)
* Bachelor of Teaching
* Monash FODMAP & IBS Trained
* ASCIA Certified in Food Allergy and Intolerances
* InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders Clinician Trained
Heather founded Appetite for Health in 2020 to provide nutrition & dietetic services within her local community. Those services are now also available Australia-wide with the introduction of Telehealth consults.
" As a mother of three, I understand the challenges of shopping, cooking for and nourishing a family while still trying to juggle a busy lifestyle! Over the past 18 years, I've catered to unique dietary challenges and intolerances within my own family (fussy eaters, lactose intolerances, shellfish allergies, vegetarianism and many more!) and can't wait to share with you how to adapt meals without sacrificing on taste or blowing the budget."
Appetite for Health offers a variety of services, and our team is passionate about providing personalised nutrition advice to you and your family, helping you achieve your health goals, and loving each and every meal you eat.

Where can you have a consultation?

Heather offers consultations through the following clinics:



Northcoast Physiotherapy Clinic

Shop 6, 11-19 Chancellor Village Blvd

Chancellor Park

Sippy Downs

The clinic is located close to Snap Fitness

and has convenient parking options.

Book directly through the clinic by calling

5476 5319




Sippy Downs Family Clinic

Central Sippy Downs

123 Sippy Downs Dr,

Sippy Downs

The clinic is located across from Coles.

Book directly through the clinic by calling

5391 3444

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Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 5.13.42 pm.png
  • Tuesday and Friday appointments

  • In clinic - face to face and telehealth services

  • Home visits available

  • Thursday appointments

  • In clinic - face to face services

What else is on offer?

Heather has an education background and loves bringing nutrition messages into the community. Heather can be booked for the following services:

* Nutrition workshops and presentations at workplaces, education & training organisations, over 50's and retirement villages and community venues.

* Accompanying or stand-alone resources, such as videos tutorials, guides and e-books on healthy eating, The Mediterranean Diet or lunchbox ideas, or webinars.

Stay tuned for Heather's upcoming presentations at Sunshine Coast libraries in July 2021!