Healthy Eating

There's so much healthy eating advice online for free, why should I pay a Dietitian for this?

You're right - there is a lot of advice online! However, how do you know that advice is correct, or appropriate for your own needs? I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by the latest food and diet advice, trends and information.

As a University-trained and accredited Dietitian, I can:

  • Cut through the myths and misinformation to provide up-to-date, evidence-based nutrition advice

  • Help guide you towards a healthier way of eating (without going on a fad diet!), using foods you enjoy

  • Show you how to eat well AND save money!

  • Adapt your favourite recipes to ensure they meet your nutritional and health needs

  • Provide you with new recipes to expand your repertoire

  • Suggest a range of healthy cookbooks and other resources which suit your needs

  • Provide you with a customised 2-week meal plan

  • Give you tips on meal planning

  • Want a sneak peek?  Click the button below to check out my meal planning blog post for ideas!

Eating Grapes